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"Perfecting the posture means relaxing your effort, and allowing your attention to merge with the Infinite."

-- Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 2:47

One-week Yoga Retreat: Rest & Radiance

Everything too much lately? Or just ready for an upgrade?

By popular request we are now offering the perfect format for those who would like to get away for a week, spending a relaxing, affordable and inspiring week at a traditional, yet comfortable ashram in a stunning setting.

Dates, rates & booking on the dedicated event's page.

Two-week Certified

Please note:

The certification of this course is "Practitioner of Yoga" and not to be confused with a teacher's training.
However we offer a One-month 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program several times per year. You can find more information on it by clicking on 'Teacher Training' in the main menu above.

Hatha Yoga Intensive

This course covers a versatile set of postures (asanas), their effects on the various levels of our being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and the meditative role of the mind during the practice. You will learn about the immense power of our breath and the significance of the subtle energy system (chakras & nadis) - unlocking your fullest potential and overcoming obstacles in daily life.

Some of the main topics include:

Our courses are designed as a transformative journeys for soul, mind, and body that leave you elevated and inspired to live your life in this world to the fullest.

Suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Dates, rates & booking on our Events page.

Are you looking for tangible holistic transformation instead of just a physical workout?

Hridaya Yoga is classical Hatha Yoga and meditation as practiced a thousand years ago.

In the West Yoga is often taught as a kind of exercise benefiting health and wellness. Yet in India, Yoga has developed over thousands of years as a science of consciousness and system of profound knowledgeAll our courses are drawing largely from the wisdom of Indian and Tibetan Tantric Yoga we also integrate precious pieces of knowledge from other mystical traditions like Sufism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, and even shamanic influences. All of these traditions agree that the deepening of awareness (with the help of various kinds of meditation) leads to the realization of Ultimate Truths with one and the same final destination - merging all parts of our existence into Oneness. We believe and honor that there are as many paths as there are seekers, thus offer a variety of teachings to inspire anyone genuinely curious about how deep the spiritual rabbit hole goes. The result is a life-changing experience of authentic spirituality, dedicatedly practiced throughout all aspects of life. not only of the body, but concerning the mind and the relationship between our individual microcosm and the macrocosm of the universe as a whole. This is well illustrated in the word "Yoga" itself, meaning "Union" - individual and universe are ultimately one and the same, which is no dogma, but can be experienced first-hand by anyone willing to 'surf the wave' and open up towards inner strength and natural balance through the deepening of our awareness.

In its own way Hridaya Yoga is similar to Yin Yoga, Anusara Yoga and Agama Yoga, featuring an inspiring series of Yogic lectures, an attitude of surrender rather than pushing, and a dedicated focus on the Heart.

The Sanskrit word 'Hridaya' signifies the Spiritual Heart, recognized as our ultimate identity beyond appearances as described by numerous sages & traditions through the centuries. The practice focuses on revealing the Self as the Supreme Reality, leading the aspirant through states of increasing joy, bliss, and deep understanding towards pure awareness.

What students are saying about our classes:

"The yoga classes are some of the most authentic, deep, and comprehensive that I've taken anywhere (and I'm a yoga teacher)!"
- Lincoln B., Psychiatrist, Director at Seven Suns Taichi, USA

"I've been in Yoga for over twenty years and Arjuna has managed to give me a whole new perspective of what Yoga can be and should be for modern spiritual practitioners. His wealth of knowledge across the board is remarkable and makes for sound advice and solid results of transformation. He offered something for everyone and eloquently conveyed even challenging concepts in a playful and inspiring way." - Caroline P., Yoga Instructor

"Yoga and meditation was fantastic! The classes were so inspiring and made a great impact." - Victor W., Hungary

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