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What is the goal of Tantra?

The purpose of Tantric practice is recognizing our own Divine nature, the Divine nature of our partner and everything around us simply as a never-ending sacred dance between the two principles of the universe: Shiva (masculine - stillness, ultimate consciousness) and Shakti (feminine - energy, manifestation on all levels). This is the core of Love in the Tantric sense. In Tantra we embrace the body with all its desires and we embark on a path on which reprogramming ourselves through the power of the Sacred Union of Shiva and Shakti is an inevitable part of the process in order to incorporate this new perspective on reality. As often misinterpreted in the West, Tantra is not only about increasing our libido or our levels of pleasure and satisfaction and the goal is not to become the best lover in the Universe. All this are only the side effects.

What makes the Tantric teachings so attractive to us?

Tantra is so very different from conventional spiritual traditions, because it accepts one's worldly desires and the body itself. Commonly, the desire for material pleasures and spiritual aspirations are seen as mutually exclusive, leading the person through an endless internal struggle, which can become a very painful and even disastrous situation. It seems there is a very serious choice to be made here - either we renounce the world in order to reach Self-realization or we give up spiritual practice in order to indulge in sensual pleasures. Tantra offers an alternative path - using the energy born from these desires for reaching altered states of consciousness and ultimately realizing the union of all opposites and manifestations.


~ Testimonials ~

andrew"The few hours that Arpita & Arjuna spent sharing their deeply grounded & detailed knowledge of Tantra opened me up to a topic that I had previously been quite ignorant towards. The workshop moved me past the point of perceiving tantra as something limited to sex. It changed the way I perceive my environment, my relationships and myself. The exercise at the end of the lecture was a peek into my innermost masculine nature, Shiva. WOW! It remains to be a unique & unmatched experience for me. For the ones seeking knowledge, attend this workshop! For the ones seeking experience, attend this workshop! Arpita & Arjuna are sincere & compassionate and are excited to share a cornucopia of learning material for those seeking more!"

~ Andrew Ananta Culler

vasanta"My blissful stay at the Kaivalya Yoga Hostel with Arpita and Arjuna earlier this year happened to coincide with their Tantra workshop. This was a really informative and heart-opening experience learning how sexual energy (masculine and feminine), desire and pleasure can be used to deepen spiritual practice. Through expressing love as a form of worship and devotion, not simply goal-orientated sex, you are able to open and surrender to whole new levels. It is amazing how many hang-ups and insecurities we collectively have about sex and intimacy, so learning about this practice really was a revelation in terms of a way to increase connectedness in the world through embracing your physicality and enjoying it. Thank you, Arpita and Arjuna for opening this door of exploration."

~ Vasanta Eve

ryan menzies"Attending the Tantric workshop helped to broaden my perspective on healthy romantic relationships as a shared spiritual experience. I found myself healthfully reflecting upon the lessons learned in passed relationships with an eye towards the inspiring potential that awaits me for those I will have in the future. We practiced poses for couples that were as fun and interesting as they were uplifting. Learning from Arjuna and Arpita's wealth of knowledge was a very encouraging experience. I left the workshop feeling overjoyed and animated to fully show my love to the world!"

~ Ryan Menzies, Texas

jo squire"The tantra workshop was both insightful and inspiring. It confirmed and added to the little bit of knowledge i previously had of the teaching. It was also taught in a very beautiful and comforting environment. As an individual partaking in the course i got so much out of it, if not more than if i had attended with my partner. Completing some of the activities with a stranger allowed me to open up more to the possibilities of love and oneness that is obtained between a man and a woman. If you are an individual contemplating attending this course, but concerned because you are not in a partnership I would highly recommend attending. Thanks again for an amazing workshop."

~ Jo Squire, Australia

erik julia"Whether you are looking for more spirituality in your relationship or just some new practices to overcome old patterns and will definately find it here. Together with the heartwarming atmosphere and inspiring teachings of Arjuna & Arpita it was a wonderful experience and great start into a whole new path of perceiving love and sexuality."

~ Erik & Julia, Canada/Germany

gloria garofalo"Thank you so much for sharing such love and devotion with us. The workshop was deeply inspiring and full of beauty... reflecting the graceful light you both shine into the universe. I feel blessed to have crossed paths."

~ Gloria Garofalo, Yoga & Meditation Instructor


Ardhanarishvara ShivShakti

Ardhanarishvara - The Union of Shiva and Shakti, Consciousness and Manifestation, as one being.


How about sexual energy?

Our sexual energy is the most potent force of our being and that is why the Tantric teachings are also concerned with the best possible ways to channel this immense resource within us by learning to be more sensitive and ultimately be able to control it, sublimate it (refine it) and invest it in whatever aspect of worldly life we choose - becoming more successful, self-confident, loving, communicative, bright, sexually attractive and satisfied, even enlightened. The continuous expansion of our pleasure and feeling of connectedness contain the power to transform us, not only on a subtle level, but can tangibly restructure our experience of ourselves, the way we give and receive and our ability to offer ourselves completely, recognizing Divine presence within and without. Precisely here lies the Secret of Love and becoming a better lover - the willingness and even longing to surrender yourself fully to the sacredness of this very moment and to your partner as a Divine being, God/Goddess in the flesh, merging the Self gracefully with the Love flowing through the Heart.

In our workshop Tantra - The Path of Sacred Union we offer:

This workshop is a great opportunity for both, couples and individuals, to gain amazing skills and deepen their relationship with themselves and each other on all levels.

We invite everyone curious to explore the Sacred Masculine (Shiva) and Feminine (Shakti), the nature of Pure Bliss and the ways orgasmic ecstasy can bring us to experience the Consciousness of Oneness while in the arms of our Beloved, to join us on this exploration of the unfathomable depths of the union of souls.

"Every desire of your body is holy." – Hafiz

yabyum position

Facilitators Arpita & Arjuna
have been studying various Tantric traditions for more than a decade and dedicate their togetherness to the Sacred path of Union, guiding couples and individuals on this great journey White Tantra.
Arjuna is a certified Tantric Yoga and Meditation Instructor (RYT-500). Arpita holds a Master's degree in Eastern Studies & Philosophy, r
ecognizing the importance of formally studying the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and their scriptures.
They strive to elevate consciousness in each moment of every-day life embodying the notion of the always-present Self – for the benefit of all.



Our Tantra Workshops take place irregularly throughout the year.
Upcoming dates on our Schedule page.

Please note that there are no nudity or sexual practices in our workshops.
These remain homework.

Tantra - The Path of Sacred Union

"When you love, love as if the person is a god, not less than that.
Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man as a man."
― Osho

What is Tantra?

One of our teachers liked to say: "Tantra is Love, never forget that". This may sound like a cliché especially as we usually want to learn more about Tantra in order to break our routine and discover a completely new exciting universe of pleasure and ecstasy. This primal disappointment happens only, because what we understand as Love is usually too limited to serve us as a cornerstone in a journey as deep as the Quest for the Self. Ultimate unconditional love is beyond judgment, reason and form, it is Love in a sense of worship and devotion that makes us ready to surrender everything we are and everything we have - only so we can reach Union again or as Gangaji puts it: "Love is the satguru. Love is the teacher. Love, finally, if you're willing to surrender to it, rather than to try and control it, love teaches you who you are."

What is the meaning of Tantra?

The word Tantra itself consists of the two words "tattva" (the Science of Cosmic Principles) and "mantra" (the Science of Mystic Sound and Vibrations) referring to the application of cosmic sciences of form and sound in order to accelerate spiritual evolution. In another sense, Tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread. Is widely accepted that Tantra itself means "to weave, to expand, to spread", and according to Tantric masters like Sri Aghorinath Ji, the fabric of life can provide true and ever-lasting fulfillment only when all the threads are woven according to the pattern designated by nature. When we are born, life naturally forms itself in this pattern. But as we grow, our ignorance, desire, attachment, fear, and false images of others and ourselves tangle and tear the threads, disfiguring the fabric. Tantric "sadhana" (practice) reweaves the fabric, and restores the original pattern.

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