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Sacred Love

The Yoga of Intimate Relationship

28 - 30 April 2018


Sacred Love

This 3-day immersion explores some of the fascinating alchemy that unfolds whenever two human beings choose to allow deep intimacy to blossom.

In a safe and respectful environment (not involving explicit sexuality or nudity), we draw upon the vast knowledge available from classical yogic as well as contemporary sources, to provide tools that will help to uplift and refine love encounters; going beyond patterns of routine, frustration, pressure or emotional drama.
All information provided is constantly being put in perspective to the one Core element of the Yoga of Intimate Relationship: the willingness and commitment to stay in Love, allowing it to penetrate deeper and deeper into our beings, beyond personal masks and conditionings...


~ Chakras & Polarity - the subtle anatomy of the human being

~ Brahmacharya - preserving sexual energy; prolonged lovemaking; elevated ecstacy

~ Clarifying the agenda: why do we want to be in relationship?

~ Sexuality expressed through different chakras

~ Different forms of female orgasm

~ The Karezza method

~ Ritualizing lovemaking

~ Daily Hatha Yoga practices for energy recharge

~ Bandhas (locks) - powerful techniques to move and refine energy

~ Music meditation for opening the Heart Chakra

~ Deepening connection: Eye gazing; Heart-to-heart breathing; synchronized breathing

~ Transfiguration: seeing the Divine in each other


Kilian Huebinger RYTKilian Hübinger has fervently studied and taught yoga for over 7 years. He completed two 500-hour teacher training courses with the renowned Agama Yoga school in Thailand and with Hridaya Yoga. A true devotee of the Heart, he loves to share the wisdom and the practices of the sages with burning inspiration, gently guiding his students to explore the depths of their being beyond mind and emotions. Apart from his dedication to yoga, Kilian is a professional musician, which shines through whenever you see him put his heart and soul into devotional singing circles. He also has a strong connection with Mother Earth and loves to spend time living in nature.
Kilian has been dancing through the ups and downs of an exclusive committed relationship for more than 8 years and feels blessed to be the father of a young son.


7 - 8 am Morning Meditation (optional)
8 am Wholesome Breakfast (optional)
9.30 - 10 am Introduction of Yoga Techniques
10 - 11.45 am Energizing & uplifting Hatha Yoga practice
12 - 1 pm Discourse

1 pm Delicious vegan Lunch (included)

3.30 pm - 6.30 pm Afternoon session: Group practices, sharings, additional lectures, Meditations...

TUITION including lunch

Super Early Bird US$187

Accomodation & other meals available on request



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Join us for a weekend of presence, joy & intimacy!