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Prana Rising – Transformational Yoga Retreat

14 - 21 April 2018 (with Arjuna)
3 - 10 June (with Kilian)
17 - 24 June (with Kilian)


yoga retreat guatemalaSpend a recharging week at stunning Lake Atitlan and Mahadevi Ashram with daily inspiration through traditional Yoga practice and fascinating aspects of the ancient Science of Consciousness that yoga is.

Expect Pranayama (Breathwork), Kriya (Purification), Bhakti (Chanting) and Yogic Wisdom embedded in a relaxed ashram environment and vegalicious ayurvedic cuisine.

lake atitlan sunrise guatemala



Aspiring and curious humans looking for authentic inspiration and ready to explore the deeper dimensions of Life, the Universe and Everything.
Step into the power of an initiate, embracing powerful practices to activate and improve life in this incarnation.


~ Tangible upgrades to your life experience.

~ Deeper understanding and greater skill in using the amazing energy machine of our incarnation vehicle.

~ A sense of clarity and recognition of one's full purpose and potential

~ Deep relaxation in the hall & our steam room

~ Wholesome community immersion at a sustainable & traditional ashram


~ Asana & Yogic Breathwork to activate your potential and make your Energy (Pranic) Body shine

Purification techniques to expand your scope of awareness and unburden your body from toxins and energy blocks

~ Powerful locks to energize specific centers of Prana

Arjuna (E-RYT-500, ND) hails from Germany and has studied Traditional Yoga, Buddhism and other spiritual traditions for over 15 years, devoted to being a life-long student and practitioner. His passion lies in bridging the gap between the ineffable Truth of all that is and the every-day experience of it – finding inspiring ways to convey the ineffable mystery of creation and evolution as well as our role in it. Apart from teaching Hatha Yoga and meditation he is a fiery bhakta, immersed in devotional offerings and energy work, a true blacksmith of the soul. It is his wish to give people a different & deeper perspective on life, the universe and everything - for the benefit of all.


7 - 8 am Morning Chanting & Meditation
8 - 9.30 am Morning practice with Hatha Yoga, Pranayama etc.
9.30 am Wholesome Breakfast

The middle of the day stays open for exploring the surroundings or relaxing in a hammock or by the lake.
Lunch is available and included.

4.30 - 5.30 pm Techniques & Philosophy Discourse
6 - 7.30 pm Pranayama, Asana, Meditation & Chanting
7.30 pm Dinner

All sessions are optional.

Shared 4-bed bamboo dormitory Small Private
Single room
shared bathroom
Double Room
shared bathroom
Private Single Cabin with ensuite toilet (shared hot shower) Full rate private
13 Jan - 15 Feb 2018 $3199 $3599 13 Dec 2017 $3300 $3700
30 Jun - 2 Aug 2018 $2799 $3199 30 Mar 2018 $3300 $3700
10 Nov - 13 Dec 2018 $2599 $2999 10 Aug 2018 $3100 $3500



Until three months prior:

US$ 555 - Shared 4-bed bamboo dormitory

US$ 695 - Small Private Single room, shared bathroom

US$ 1295 (for two) - Treehouse Double Room, shared bathroom

US$ 1008 - Private Single Cabin with ensuite toilet (shared hot shower)

US$ 1495 (for 2) - Private Double Cabin with ensuite toilet (shared hot shower)


Mahadevi (“Great Goddess”) Ashram is a sanctuary dedicated to spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness through Ancient Vedic and Yogic practices. The Ashram is a safe and powerful container for transformation, providing beneficial surroundings and care for every retreater's needs. Please see our FAQ's to get a better idea of asshram life.

All vegan sattvic Meals are included, as is accommodation in shared rooms or privates.


Join us for a week of presence, joy & community!

Early Yogi rates available.
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