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Karma Yoga

"One should see any opportunity to serve as a rare and precious gift...and never waste such an opportunity.” ~ Ammaji

Have you always wanted to live in a conscious community, supporting each other to grow and live a life for the spiritual benefit of All?

This page is not what you think :) READ IT CAREFULLY!

Karma Yoga is an often misunderstood practice of Yoga that is simplified into 'work exchange', which has really not much to do with it.

Contemplate for a moment: What is it that governs the effects of our actions?

All our normal actions are based on either wanting something or wanting to avoid something. It is exactly these attachments & aversions that create karmic imprints, 'bonds' tying us to the imbalances that we create on a subtle level and that need to be resolved in order to recognize ourselves as truly 'free'. Karma Yoga means to act without creating karma, free of attachment & aversion, to perfect our actions until they become Yoga (Union) in the spirit of Selfless Service.

To enable practitioners to follow such a powerful and not-so-easy practice the Mahadevi Ashram Karma Yoga Program was created, open to welcome karma yogis for a minimum of two months with 5-6 hours of service on six days per week.

Karma Yogis are welcome to offer their service in:
~ the Ashram Kitchen with cooking and general help
~ the always developing Permaculture Gardens
~ the general upkeep and maintenance of the Ashram

To support you on your Karma Yoga journey Mahadevi Ashram provides:
~ shared accommodation in bamboo-built twin rooms or yurts (including bedding)
~ simple vegan meals each day
~ daily group meditation, weekly chanting and sharing circles

This arrangement is not an exchange, it is a facilitation of this practice of developing the qualities of selfless service to all. Please inquire if the difference is not clear.

*Kindly note that Karma Yogis will have to pay the usual fees for participation at other ashram events, which supports the mission and expansion of the project.

"By doing Service, Heart and Mind are purified... Be convinced of this! To engage in Service is a very powerful Sadhana; do not become impatient. Rather, Serve your people with the utmost Calm and have a Kind Word for Everyone."

~ Beloved Sri Anandamayi Ma ॐ


~ Apply Now~

2 Months Minimum!
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