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Puja Sadhana

Exploring the Art and Beauty of Ritual

With Randall O’Leary/Ram Giri Baba

6 - 8 January 2018

Spiritual practice is about connection. There are countless ways to join ourselves to the soul of the world and one of the oldest practices is that of symbolic ritual, which is called puja in India. Puja is the practice of joining ourselves to higher and more universal truths through symbolic actions, offerings, ritual and ceremony.

This workshop is designed to take students through the essentials of Vedic and Tantric rituals so that their spiritual practices can be more transformative and meaningful. We will learn how to to use ritual in yoga practice, as well and learning how to prepare for and conduct specific pujas for specific results and needs including one of the most ancient of rituals: Homa (fire ceremony).

The workshop will include:

  • The practice of meditation, breath and asana as puja/ritual

  • The learning and chanting of Mantras, understanding the specific energies they invoke and when to use them in puja

  • How to use sacred Mudras (hand postures) during rituals

  • Lessons on different times of the day, days of the week,  and times of the month and year to do rituals

  • Understanding Vedic Deities, their energies and how to work with them in puja for specific results

  • How to prepare and light sacred fires and different pujas with fire

  • What materials to offer for which types of rituals

  • How to conduct a complete fire ritual (Homa) from start to finish


Each morning will feature ritualized meditation, breath practice and asana to align and enliven students and create practical experience in ritual offering.  After breakfast we will discuss aspects of Vedic and Tantric rituals such as symbols, the nature of the universe, qualities of matter and consciousness, energy, elements and many other topics that will help us to turn action into meaningful pujas.

The afternoon workshop will involve more pranayama and breath work, the learning and chanting of mantras, the exploration of different aspects of classical puja and the preparation of materials for the evening Homa (fire puja). Each person will also practice creating and conducting short personal rituals to enhance their own spiritual development.  After dinner we will gather around the fire pit for the evening Homa fire ritual which is an ancient puja that involves fire, offerings and mantras. It induces a special and unique type of meditation and consciousness. It is a very special and precious thing to learn.

7 - 10 am Morning session
10 - 11.30 am Brunch
11.30 am - 1pm Lecture/ discourse
1 - 4 pm Afternoon practice
4 - 6.30 pm Supper break
6.30 - 8 pm Puja / Homa


This course is designed to be powerful and profound experience of classical rituals and to educate students about the hidden meanings behind yoga and Tantric puja and spirituality. It is also designed to be fun, light-hearted and enjoyable and beautiful. Students will become familiar with the symbols, offerings, mantras and etiquette used in Indian rituals and be able to conduct their own. Join us on this workshop about the profound ritual of transformation!


Registration Details

Q1400/$197 Tuition, vegan ashram meals

Accommodation optional & extra, pls inquire ([email protected])

Limited spots available.


About Randall

Randall is a long time yogi, with 25 years of practice, and has been teaching many aspects of classical yoga and spirituality over the years. He was initiated into the Dashnami Sampradaya, (an ancient order of sadhus) in 2003 and has learned many powerful rituals and practices from this group. He also studies rituals and homa with Dr. Robert Svoboda and Sri Gulabiji. He makes regular trips to study with his teachers and conducts daily rituals to maintain the traditions. Randall has no permanent base, but lives a life of parikrama: travel and wandering.