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What our guests are saying about us:

"This course completely changed my life." - David, NZ

"My only warning... Be careful you may never want to leave this wonderful jungle sanctuary." - Christy H., Colorado

"...something I had never experienced before. 'Wow' is the only word that seems appropriate but not enough to explain what I had experienced. My experience there changed my life spiritually and how I perceive the world."
- John & his wife, Toronto

I think my favourite part (above
and beyond the warm reception,
cosy rooms and killer setting) was
the beautiful heartfelt quotes,
pictures and personal memoirs
scattered around the place....
. Also having the yoga
and meditation on your doorstep
was brilliant!"
- Ezzie G., Australia

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Namaste & Bienvenido

NOTE: We are CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE as we have opened the Inner Peace Sanctuary in Italy.

Find all our offerings there at InnerPeace.it

Mahadevi'Mahadevi' means 'Great Goddess', the omnipotent Force that manifests through All with Unconditional Love & Compassion. Ashram was a unique sanctuary dedicated to spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness through ancient Vedic and Yogic practices.

The AshramAn Ashram is a traditional spiritual study and retreat center. It offers optimal conditions for going deeper into ourselves by providing a safe space for like-minded people as well as inspiring teachers & teachings. Unlike a monastery it does not require membership or affiliation with any particular group or organization was created as a safe and powerful container for transformation, providing beneficial surroundings and a sacred atmosphere to explore the Inner Workings of Existence through the Fire of Transformation known as The Great Goddess.

An eco-friendly enchanting environment of bamboo & earth architecture is set in a lush jungly garden overlooking Lago Atitlan, the ashram was welcoming visitors only for the Events, Trainings, Courses & Personal Retreats offered. The Mayan heartland of Lake Atitlan (or "Grandma Atitlan" as the indigenous population calls it) is an ideal high-vibrational location to dive deep into matters of Spirit and Truth.

Reservations are required (via email).

Our facilities are shared and include solar hot showers, stone-built steam room by a clear mountain creek with bathing pools, a cozy communal space with fireplace, an inspiring library, permaculture gardens, Wifi access and free use of the yoga halls outside class hours.

Our premises are free of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and meat/fish.

If you consider visiting Mahadevi Ashram for the first time, please take a moment to read our Ashram Guidelines.

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